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Abstracts for symposia can now be submitted online. Only a limited number of symposia are being accepted for the Conference.

Submission deadline: 15th April 2019

Duration: Each symposium at the Conference is scheduled for 45 minutes.

Requirements for Proposal Submission:

  • The person submitting the proposal for symposia are requested to do it according to the topic list.
  • A brief description of the session(max. 250 words) is initially required for evaluation purposes only. 
  • The description should outline the Title, Background, Concept, Topics to be covered (with only names of speakers and email ID), Take-home Message.
  • Additionally, 2 latest key references are to be provided.
  • Title and References are not included in the word count.
  • Detailed affiliations of speakers are not required

Process of Submission and Acceptance:
All proposals submitted online will be considered by the Scientific Programme Committee.

Notification of Acceptance:
The notification about the acceptance or rejection of symposium will be sent via email to the proposer by 20th April 2019.

Detailed Proposal Submission:

  • Upon Acceptance, speakers of accepted symposia will then be asked to submit individual abstracts for their presentations by 30th April 2019.  This shall be done online, wherein they will be provided a faculty special submission link, user name, and password in order to submit their abstracts for their lectures. 
  • It is mandatory that the proposer should receive the acceptance of every speaker for their session, prior to submission.
  • It is mandatory for all speakers in the accepted symposia to be registered for the conference; this must be done at the time of submission of the abstract. If registration is not done, then the symposium shall stand cancelled, and another symposium/scientific session may get adjusted. The Scientific Committee shall not be responsible for the same; this responsibility will lie entirely with the proposer of the Symposia.

Additional Information:
All authors and presenters will be expected to declare any potential conflict of interest in the first slide of their presentation.